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Daphne's Unicorn Driver Headcover

Daphne's Unicorn Driver Headcover

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Daphne provides quality materials in order to produce a durable product.  They use premium furs, thick synthetic sheepskin lining, (double the plush of any other on the market), thread four times stronger than necessary, and new fabrics designed to fend off wear-and-tear of the sun’s UV rays.  The eyes and noses custom made for us in Italy.  

This Unicorn headcover is designed to fit up to the 460cc driver.

A portion of the proceeds of the sale of this headcover goes to LPGA/USGA Girls Golf Program.

 We’re washable! All Daphne’s headcovers can be hand washed, dry cleaned or spot washed. Line drying and blow drying will fluff the fur 

Each headcover carries a 100% lifetime guarantee. Inside the label you will find the Daphne factory phone number.  



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